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Noble Harry "Chuckles" Dupre President


Noble Gary "Binky" LaGasse

Vice President





Noble Robert "Bucky" Grimaldi




Noble Ned "Nedzo" Hemele




Noble Mark "Kuko" Alvarado














Clowns and more clowns are wanted for this unit. Joining this special unit calls for a special kind of person – one who is extremely dedicated, caring, concerned and most of all one who can make a child smile. 

The Zanies are extremely busy and are always looking "for a few more good men." This unit requires special training at Clown College to prepare for the job ahead. 

Clowning around is an adventure into a child’s world and you can make their day a little brighter and happier.

That first smile you get will make it all worthwhile. Join the ranks of Phoo Phoo, Wrong-Way, Alley Oops, Binky, Checkers, Pokey, Red Dog, Shorty Circuit, Cornbread and Bucky.

If you'd like more information about this fine unit please contact the Ziyara Office or one its officers.

Even if you think the Zanies might not be the right unit for you, ask about the Sneaker Fund.  Call today!


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