Ziyara Shriners 


Reception Caravan



  Noble Stanley Lewosko Jr. President
  Noble John P. Leogrande Vice President
  Noble William J. Rousche Secretary
  Noble John T. Harrison Treasurer
  Noble David E. Wilbur Director


We, the leaders, of the Reception Caravan invite you to join our Unit. The purpose of the Reception Caravan is to meet and greet all those attending Ziyara Temple functions. We have fun being those Shiners who greet all visiting dignitaries.

The Reception Caravan also carries the Large American Flag during all Official Parades and the Ziyara Reception Caravan has been given expressed permission to carry this flag the United States Congress.

Among our activities are four dinners meetings each year which provide a place where we can get to know each other and a time for our Ladies to become acquainted with other Caravan Nobles and their Ladies.

We'll leave a space in line for you, so if you'd like more information about this fine unit please contact the Ziyara Office or one our officers.


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