Uarda Temple #24
Daughters of the Nile
Installation of Officers
  March 20th, 2004


Uarda Officers for 2004


Princess Joanne Pope Queen

Princess Karen Allen Princess Royal

Princess Linda Walters Princess Tirzah



Installation at Utica Masonic Hall

2:00 pm

Festivities at Twin Ponds

Main Street

New York Mills, New York

  Social Hour at 5:00pm

 Dinner at 6:00 pm




Who Are We and

What We Are All About

Daughters of the Nile is a benevolent international fraternal organization for women who are related by birth or marriage to Shriners. It boasts 150 organizations throughout the United States and Canada. This organization was founded in 1913 by 22 progressive women with strength of purpose and vision. Since that time the membership has flourished. We have over 48,000 members throughout the North American continent.

We are proud of our heritage as Daughters of the Nile, and are most grateful to the Shrine of North America for their allowing us to assist with the patients at the 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children in North America and Hawaii. Each year, through our Supreme Convalescent Endowment Fund and Convalescent Relief Fund, Daughters of the Nile contribute well over a million and a half dollars to the hospitals for prostheses, orthotics, braces, shoes, etc. for the children. In addition, many sew garments, quilts, provide toys, hold parties for the children, as well as log many volunteer hours in the hospitals. In reality, over three and quarter million dollars is contributed to the hospitals each year.

Our philanthropic purpose is deeply embedded in our history. Since receiving permission from Imperial Shrine Headquarters in 1924, Daughters of the Nile have contributed monetary gifts amounting to $36,791,734.60 for the Children at Shriners Hospitals. Members share in innovative and creative fund-raising events to promote our goal of providing a better quality of life to children who are in need. Recently we have developed an incentive program that provide gifts for monetary contributions from $10.00 to $2,500 or more, which offers interested individuals an opportunity to participate.

Several years ago Imperial Shrine Headquarters in Tampa, Florida arranged for Daughters of the Nile to have gold plaques placed on the donor recognition boards of each hospital to which we have contributed $1,000,000.00 or more. To date 19 of the 22 hospitals have received gold plaques, which emphasizes the concerted effort our members continually make for the children. Many mini medallions representing a second million contributed are presently on our gold plaques in Chicago IL, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, St. Louis MO, Springfield MA, Portland OR, Tampa FL, and Montreal Canada. The impact of this continual giving is remarkable – a fact that causes each Daughter of the Nile to be proud of her membership and dedication to her philanthropy.

Daughters of the Nile enjoys its heritage through its close fraternal association with the Shrine of North America. We stand tall and strong in our effort to make a difference. Our pride and strength is achieved by having enthusiastic and hard-working members. Membership is gained by being proposed for same, and we welcome questions and interest in our organization. We pledge to make a difference as a society for women who care enough to extend themselves beyond the limits of our own personal world to assist in the worlds’ greatest philanthropy; Shriners Hospitals for Children. We join hands with all who care about the future – our children.

For more information regarding the Daughters of the Nile, please contact the Supreme Recorder at:

Supreme Princess Recorder
P.O Box 1322
Helena, MT 59601-1322



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