Ziyara Shriners 


Camel Herders

The Sheppard's of Ziyara


Noble Myles Sebelowitz President 

Noble Gary Rushford Vice- President

Noble Jay Kaiser Secretary / Treasurer

Noble Arthur M. Strail    Director

Ill Gordon Hathaway, PP  
    Ill Robert Del Buono, PP Advisors
      Noble Dan Radahan  




This Unit works with the membership committee assisting with membership building and membership retention. They are also working with the Public Relations Committee and assist in keeping Ziyara current with community activities.

All newly created Nobles and their Ladies are given the first year's membership into the Camel-Herders and have nothing to lose by attending the unitís meetings and functions.

Paramount among the duties of the Camel Herderís is their mentoring or Shepparding program.  The Ziyara Shriners booklet and its management is another responsibility of this unit.

Another enjoyable task is to plan same day trips to and from Shrine Hospitals for newly created Nobles and prospective members and is done with the assistance of the Ziyara Transportation Unit.

General meetings are held every other month on the Second Thursday of the month at the Knight Spot Restaurant located on Main Street and Palmer Street in Frankfort, N.Y. The dress code for meetings is informal with fez, and meals are ordered from the menu. Social 6:30 ; 7:00 dinner. 

Nobles and their Ladies are active with this Unit and all are welcome.  No reservations required.

If you'd like more information about this fine unit please contact the Ziyara Office or one its officers.


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