The Grottoes of North America
619 Northwest Ave.
Tallmadge, OH  44278
Serving Akron, Summit and surrounding counties.

Adam Lewis

Chief Justice

Dave Turnbloom

Master of Ceremonies

Mike King

Venerable Prophet

Craig (Farmer) Brown



Roger Brewer


Bill Murphy


Monark Johnson, PM


Don Heffernan



Dick Folk


Dave Wm. McIntyre, PM


Bill Brown , PM


Starley Smith, PM



The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, whose subordinate bodies are the Grottoes, is an organization by and for Master Masons.  While in no way connected with Masonary proper, its membership  is restricted absolutely and exclusively to Master Masons in good standing, who enjoy helping others and having  fun at the same time.  Our main Humanitarian Projects are:  Denistry For the Handicapped and Cerebral Palsy  Research.  Yusef Khan not only supports the M.O.V.P.E.R.  Humanitarian projects but locally they put in many hours and dollars into The United Disability  Services of Summit County.  Any one knowing a handicapped child with dental problems should contact Yusef Khan Grotto at 1-330-928-3162 or the Grotto in their area to apply for information on how to obtain help.  The Grottos of North America love to put the smile back where it belongs.

To finance their activities Yusef Khan holds several fund raisers.  At Christmas time our members can be seen selling trees, while springs brings our annual Show. also a plant sale,or serving dinners.

To make the Grotto more attractive to all, the individual Grottoes can be divided into special interest units.  The larger Grottoes may have many units while smaller Grottoes may have only one or two.  At Yusef Khan we have the following units:  Band, Bowling, Cast, Campers, Chorus, Clowns, Golf, Grottu*, Greeters, Kin Folk**, Revelers, Safety, and Portage County*** unit.  Put them all together and you get YUSEF KHAN GROTTO.

*small motorcycle riders
**to keep our country heritage alive
*** open to all members that live in Portage County



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