This site is being maintained principally to help interested, yet undecided Blue Lodge Masons answer the question, " What is the York Rite and why should I pursue it?" The site is unabashedly and emphatically pro-York Rite. Also, it should help newly-initiated York Rite Masons to better understand the meaning of the ceremonies through which they have passed.

DISCLAIMER--The reader should understand that the ideas and opinions expressed herein are those of the author, and in no wise are to be be construed as approved or sanctioned by any Masonic body, Grand or otherwise, of the state of North Carolina or any other Masonic jurisdiction.

I will not attempt to embark on a lengthy history of the York Rite per se, since the interested Mason can find an abundance of historical material on this Rite elsewhere on the internet. Neither am I going to discuss facts and figures or numbers, as these likewise can be obtained from the various state Grand bodies. What I AM going to do is take you on a guided tour of the York Rite as it is now practiced in the USA, and attempt to explain some of our symbolism as I understand it. First of all, let's answer the question, "Why go York Rite?":

The above is not an exhaustive list of reasons why a Brother should seriously consider the York Rite path, but it does give some of the more prominent ones. This site presents, on succeeding pages, an overview of the various York Rite bodies, degrees and orders. If you haven't gone York Rite yet, it is hoped that by reading them your interest will be sufficiently piqued to cause you to do so. I will be happy to try to answer any further questions you might have, just submit them to me via e-mail at ardavis33@bellsouth.net

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