Western Consistory #28
Valley of Chicago
809 E. 42nd Pl. - Chicago, IL. 60653 - 773.373.2725
Orient of Illinois
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Illustrious Secretary
Keeper of the Seal and Archives

Daryl J. Harrison, 33°
P. O. Box 21934
Chicago, IL 60621
Cell (773)-892-7756
Email: darylh@ldpgroup.com
Illustrious Secretary and Keeper of the Seal
Any Member of the Consistory who is unable to on account of old
age, physical disability or financial condition to pay to such Consistory
the amount due him for dues or assessments either to Subordinate Bodies
or the Supreme Council, or both shall be exempt from same; provided,
however, that to obtain such exemption such old or disabl ed member
shall make written application therefor to the Supreme Council and
receive its favorable action thereon. Such application, first shall be
approved by the Consistory and then by the Deputy of his Orient. No
member shall receive an exemption from his obligation to the Supreme
Council unless his Consistory is also exempting him from his dues.
Section 97, Article XXIII, 1977 Constitution
Section 17.
Dues can be mailed to the Secretary with a self addressed envelop to
Western Consistory # 28 Post Office Box # 21934 Chicago, Illinois 60621
Take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly

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Illustrious Secretary &
Keeper of the Seal & Archives
GIG. Daryl J. Harrison, 33°
P.O. Box 21934
Chgo., Il. 60621
Email: darylh@ldpgroup.com
Most Wise & Perfect

Albert Lott 32º
8019 So. Dobson
Chicago, IL 60619
Thrice Potent Master
Keith Payton, 32°
3473 So. ML King Dr.
Chicago Il. 60616
Illustrious Commander in Chief
Gordon L. Brewer, 32°
10349 So. Emerald
Chicago, Il. 60628