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   ,,,,,,   (although he does appear on our stationery) but a famous Liverpool dock, on reorganisation a few years ago.  Other dignitaries names so used are Gladstone , Trafalgar and  Sandon. Most other groups using geographical titles. The Group Chairman is former Vice Chairman  John Roberts ably assisted by Les Moore,  and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master is The Rev, Harry E Ross.   On the  Royal  Arch  Chapter side,  the  Assistant  to  the  Grand  Superintendent is Clive Jeffries.  Barrie Jones is the Local Care Officer and Dave Dixon  holds the newly  created post of  Group Charity Steward. Roy Ashley is the Group Secretary.


It is not the purpose of this web site to inform the visitor on Freemasonry in general. There are already a plethora of sites for this purpose, and to duplicate that information here would be just a waste of time and effort! (Have a look at The Grand Lodge of England or the Provincial Grand Lodge of  West Lancashire for starters). Our main purpose is to inform on the activities of the group and as the site expands to become a major communications medium for all concerned.


To this end all Lodge secretaries and Chapter Scribes are invited to send any items of interest they feel would benefit from this medium, be it reports or Photos of Ladies Nights, open evenings or    special Lodge events and it will be included on your own page. By these means every Lodge &   Chapter in the Group can have their own web presence without any cost, technical expertise or time  commitment whatsoever, should they so desire! General enquiries can also be sent to the contact    e-mail address for onward transmission to the Group Secretary.

Comments, feedback and suggestions are very welcome too!