Masters Message


My time to the East as the new Worshipful Master has comevery quickly. I was installed as the Worshipful Master for theensuing year on December 13th. The ceremonies were lead by our District Deputy , Right Worshipful MasterJohn Mellor who was assisted by our Associate Grand Marshal, Clifford H.Drost, Jr Right Worsipful Brother Wayne Saunders and Post Master David Knecht .

Its agreat honor and privilage that you have choosen me to be your Worshipful Master .

My Brothers, I have been at Washington Lodge for four years , and thought I have a lot to learn , there is one situation that concerns me : and that is the lack of attendance by local brothers . Iam aware that this has been happening for manny years, However , this year I would like to change this.

With so many young brothers in line ,and this being the first year in many that we have not had a Past Master in line gives us newer brothers a great opportunity :and that is to learn from you . But we need your participation to help us achive out goals .

We look foward to your attendance and for you to share with us your knowledge of Masonary and how Masonary has affected your life.And for any brother that would like to attend , but does'nt have the means , we would offer you a ride to and from the lodge .

My brother , this year is our 100th year at our current location. Let us all remember why we joined our lodge ,share our experiences, and have a memorable year together . i look forward to meeting you over the upcoming year.



Jonathan Redwood