Christmas Party Year 2005

The Christmas Party at Waller Lodge in 2005 was a huge sucess as always. Good friends, good fellowship, good food and a good time was enjoyed by all.

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Sorry, there were some people who I don't
remember names. If you recognize someone
who is not named, please let me know (Corky).

1. Left Side - Valerie Daut, Reagan Rape - Right Side - Gerty and C.L. Garrett - ?? 2nd. Table - "Wes" and "Liz" Mersiovsky


2. Unice Sitton and Grand Daughter


3. First Table - Bob Scarborough - John N. Sr. - and Rebecka Daut - Rachel Brown - Valerie Daut - Second Table - Standing - Reagan Rape and Daughter


4. Nellie Daut with Grand Daughter Jennifer Brown


5. Gerty Garrett - Dorris Bozarth - ?? - Mrs Schultz - "Bo" Bozarth - Wayne Schultz - Unice Sitton - Nellie Daut


6. Left Table - Mrs. and Wayne Schultz - C.L. - and Gerty Garrett - "Bo" and Dorris Bozarth - 1st. Right Table - Reagan and Mrs. Rape with daughter - 2nd. Table - Maxine and "Bob" Scarborough - Standing - Becky and Rachal Brown


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