Valentine Party For February 2006

Junior Deacon Jim Brown getting the equiment ready to start cooking catfish while waiting for head cook, Senior Warden Danny Williamson to bring it out

The Valentine party in February 2006 was presented by the Brothers of Waller Masonic Lodge to honor the ladies in our lives. It was a huge success as usual with good friends, good fellowship, good food and a good time was enjoyed by all.

Tickets were given to every wife, mother, daughter and female visitor so they would be eligible for the drawing for door prizes Of Valentine candy and stuffed animals. Each lady and girl type person received a beautiful carnation.

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1. We a huge pile of catfish, steak fingers, hush puppies, new potatoes and coleslaw that is about to be enjoyed by Brother Regan Rape, Adam Harvey, Rebecka and P.M. John Daut Sr. and P.M. Doyle Sitton

2. Brother Regan Rape, Ed and Betty Locklear, Eunice Sitton, Bob Scarborough, Mrs. Rape. Brother Roy Shields sitting while working up an appetite.

3. STANDING - Mrs. Rape and daughter, Mother-in-law Mrs. Rape, Maxine Scarborough, Vicky and Danny Williamson, Liz, Nichol and Wes Mersiovsky and Doyle Sitton - SITTING - "Bo" Bozarth

4. Becky Brown, Nellie Daut, Heather Brown, Betty Locklear, Liz and Wes Mersiovsky, Vicky and Danny Williamson and Ed Locklear

5. Secretary Bob Scarborough and Treasurer John Daut Sr. wishing each other a happy Valentine Day.

6. Mrs. Ventrca, Roy Shields, Ed Locklear, Mrs. XX, Dorris and "Bo" Bozarth, Rebecka and John Daut Sr.



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