Valentine Party Year 2005

Hempstead W.M. Kelly Cox and S.W. “Bob” Podvin, with a little supervising by Ed Locklear and Greg Williams, fried up a huge pile of catfish, steak fingers, hush puppies, cheesy new potatoes and coleslaw.

We were going to give out tickets to all the lady folks and give door prizes, but Waller W.M. Mike Risley and S.W. Corky Daut both bought prizes with out definite plans and we ended up with enough presents where every lady and girl type person received a valentine present and a beautiful carnation.

We also had a special gift for the lady who was the oldest and the lady who is married the longest.

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1. Valerie Daut, Doyle Sitton, Becky Brown, Maxine Scarborough and Paul Cox. 2. Mike & Carolyn Risley, Cynthia and Adam Cox, Betty and Ed Locklear.
3. Judy and Junior Bridges, Nellie Daut, Bob Scarborough, Doyle Sitton and Valerie Daut. 4. Try doing something nice for the ladies and then try to keep them out of the kitchen.
5. The serving pans are filling up as the cooking continues. 6. The first couple, Junior Bridges and Judy, his Valentine, dig in.
7. Standing "Mike" Risley and "Bob" Podvin, First table Eunice and Doyle Sitton, Bob and Maxine Scarborough, Carolyn Risley, Ed and Betty Locklear. Second table, the Regan Rape family. 8. Standing Kelly Cox and Bob Podvin. First table, XXX, Mrs and Bart Harvey, Mrs and Herman Flanagan. Second table, Ed Locklear, Jimmy and Cris Zepeda, Toya Cox and Gregg Williams Back table, Nellie Daut, Judy and Junior Bridges, and Jim and Becky Brown.


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