Hempstead - Waller Masonic Lodges Joint Fund Raiser

Why Fundraisers?

In a Small Town Texas Lodges like the Hempstead and Waller Masonic Lodges, fundraisers have become a way of life for the Lodges. With small membership lists, Endowed Memberships and 50 year members exemptions the annual dues only bring in part of the funds needed just to operate the Lodge. Therefore additional sources of income must be found, not only to help operate the Lodge, but to support Masonic and local charities.

The Bull Riding Show, A Real
Texas Style Money Maker

Hempstead and Waller Lodges join together to put on a bull riding show in the fall at the Field's Store Rodeo Arena. The 2002 show had good weather, though a little nippy. We sold bar-b-que brisket sandwiches, stuffed baked potatoes and peach cobbler with Blue Bell ice cream. We also had chips and drinks.


Click to 
view image Calvin, John and
James putting up
the awning for our
food service booth

Click to 
view image John and Paul
watching Bro
putting up the
awning. Jimmy H.
in the rear

Click to 
view image John slicing brisket
and Wes checking
the product.

Click to 
view image Some poor guy trying
to stay on the bull
and the bull saying no.

Click to 
view image Calvin in foreground
John in the middle slicing
and Wayne and Jim
enertaining the ladies.

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view image Miss Bull Ride 2002?
Well maybe in a year
or two. Mike's daughter

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