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Masonic Charities

Grasping the subtle nuances of the interlocking relationships of Masonic organizations is a simple task compared to cataloging their expenditures. As Professor Lipson observed, "Masonic charity was secret unlike civic charity whose administration made the entire town privy to the needs of each recipient." Thus a researcher can only capture the data from formally organized and public Masonic activities, but even this doesn't tell the whole story.

For example, the Masonic Service Association quietly oversees a Hospital Visitation Program with a goal that every V.A. Hospital in the United States have a Masonic volunteer working with patients. How can a value be placed on the more than 500,000 hours a year spent on this work? It just can't be done! The best that can be achieved is to catalog that fraction of Masonic philanthropy that happens to be administered on a formal basis and to rest content in the knowledge that Masons today, as always, are seeking to provide relief for suffering humanity.

In 1990 American Masonic Philanthropy was $525 million or $1.4 million per day. It has been estimated that for 2000, formal American Masonic Philanthropy will probably exceed $2.00 million per day!

In finishing the list below, I find myself overwhelmed with the size of the list, so I will summarize it first. If you need help or knowledge in any of the following areas, then consult the list below for the location of the place to help you.

Childhood language disorders
Treatment for birth defects
Scholarship and direct grants to children and grandchildren of Scottish Rite Masons as well as to members of De Molay, Job's Daughters, Rainbow for Girls, and other Masonic youth groups
Research on diabetes
A summer camp for underprivileged children
Arteriosclerosis research
Christmas Day Dinner for the Des Moines community
Cancer research
Training awards for religious leadership and those making religious work their career
A museum and monument to our first President (a Mason, by the way)
Grants to students at in Schools of Government and Business
Administration and International Affairs
Dental care for handicapped children
Scholarship assistance to nursing students
Geriatric research
Child development for good citizenship and sound character for boys and girls
Out-patient services for cancer treatment
Low cost education loans
Eye surgery and prescription glasses
Treatment for cancer patients and cancer research support
Masonic Hospital Visitation Program for V.A. Hospital volunteers
Research in heart disease, cancer, aging, hypertension, and blood substitutes
Meeting and performance facilities at the International Peace Garden
A clearing house on Masonic information
Education of youth about drugs and alcohol
Ohio Special Olympics
A non-denominational chapel for mediation and religious services at the International Peace Garden
Research into the causes and treatment of schizophrenia and related disorders
Research into auditory perception disorders in children
A Georgia children's medical Center
A museum and library focusing on our American heritage as well as Freemasonry's role in the history of our country
The first public library in the District of Columbia
Scholarships and fellowships for Ph.D. candidates in Public School Administration
Support for students seeking degrees in fields associated with service to country and humanity Orthopedic services to children through a network of 22 hospitals and treatment for burns victims at four burns centers
Support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association
A provider of new shoes for needy Tennessee and Alabama children
An orthopedic, neuralgic, and child development hospital in Texas
Operates a clinic for dyslexic and aphasia disorders in children
Provides needy homeless children in the school district with clothing and toiletries


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