What is the International Order
of the Rainbow for Girls?

The I.O.R.G. is a service organization for young women between the ages of 11 and 20
who are related to Master Masons, Eastern Star, Amaranth, White Shrine of Jerusalem, and their female friends. 
They must be of good moral character and profess an abiding faith in a Supreme Being (God).

Rainbow Girls have opportunities to develop leadership skills, and lifelong friends. 
They organize, fund and execute fundraising, social events, and community service projects.

Our assembly has two 6 month terms during which the girls
can learn and practice the lessons they learn.

What lessons can I learn from Rainbow?

Love Love of home, church, nation, each other, and God
Religion All Rainbow Girls are encouraged to attend the church of their choice
Nature Take time to enjoy God's great out-of-doors
Immortality Prepare for life eternal
Fidelity Be true to your friends, your promises, and yourself
Patriotism Love your country & defend your flag
Service Be of some service each day


W. Farmington Assembly #116
Initiation Fees are $15
Annual dues are $12

For more information about the IORG visit
the Supreme Website www.gorainbow.org
and/or the Ohio Grand Assembly site at www.ohiorainbow.org

or download our brochure
Rainbow Brochure [132 KB Word]

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