October 25
This day In Masonry

On this day in 1764, the future 2nd President of the US Mason John Adams marries Abigail Smith. John Adams was the 1st vice President of the US under Mason and President George Washington

Adams, John He was involved in the American Revolution as a member of the US Navy. He was a Purser on ship “Raleigh” during Revolutionary War. Member St. John's Lodge No. 1, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Not to be mistaken with John Quincy Adams the sixth president of the US who was an anti-mason.

In 1951, a general election, England's Labour Party loses to conservatives. Mason Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister.

On this day in 1961 Martin Luther King is sentenced to four months in jail for a sit-in.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 as he stood on the balcony of a Memphis, Tennessee motel room. He was a champion of the United States' civil rights movement and is widely credited for spearheading significant movement in racial equality through his non-violent protests during the very violent 1960s.
Special Note: In May, 2000 - over 32 years AFTER his death and in an act which seems totally unprecedented in Masonic history - a Past Grand Master of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia made King a "Mason at Sight". Such action runs counter to all of the 'landmarks' and accepted usages of Freemasonry since making a member of the fraternity posthumously violates the premise of the first question normally proposed to a candidate, to wit: "Do you make this request of your own free will and accord?" The practice of making a Mason 'at sight' stems from the beginnings of Freemasonry when a Grand Master could waive all normal requirements to pass through the degrees and declare, summarily, a man to be a Mason. (It should be noted as well, however, that the practice is so controversial in Freemasonry some Grand Lodges have specifically forbidden their Grand Masters to do it while in others it has not been done for a century or longer.) Other men who have been made Masons in this manner (and we'd estimate the number at less than a hundred or so despite the tens of millions of good men who have joined over the past three centuries) were so declared only AFTER discussion with and agreement by them. The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia has not, as of this writing in March, 2007, been accepted as 'regular' by any 'mainstream' Masonic Grand Lodge and this bizarre act may well cause problems for such acceptance in the future. While we do not wish to editorialize, the actions by MW Bro. Benjamin Barksdale (whom we have had the pleasure of meeting personally and know to be a good man with a sincere and very deep love for Freemasons and Freemasonry) are abnormal in the extreme. His actions could not and cannot make a dead man a Mason....