King Solomon's Fleet
Bro. Joel Coulombe
Nicola Lodge #53, Merritt, B.C.

On Friday the 13th of October 1307, the King of France and Pope moved against the Knights Templar, imprisoning their members and seizing their properties. Recorded history tells us that the Order's main treasury in Paris was found to be empty, the main wealth of the order had been spirited away before the net closed on the Templars.

The day before in La Rochelle a Templar fleet is recorded as being in the harbour. On the 13th though, the ships were gone - what happened to them is a mystery that has endured ever since. Did the Templars flee with the bulk of their treasure ?

And what happened to the Templars and their treasure after 1307 ? Accepted history reveals very little...  Have the Templars and their wealth featured in history since then without our realising ? 

Join us on February 15th as Bro. Joel Coulombe of Nicola Lodge #53, of Merritt, B.C. shares much of the research he has compiled for his forthcoming book on the subject of King Solomon's Fleet...