Welcome to the website for the Victoria Lodge of Education and Research.


We meet on the third Tuesday of the Months F-M-A-S-O-N


Who we are The Victoria Lodge of Education & Research meets 6 times a year to offer Masons the opportunity to present and share the results of their research and investigations into the history, philosophy, symbolism and Mystery of the Craft.  
  We are a Licensed Lodge operating under permit from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of B.C. and Yukon, but open to all Masons in good standing.s  
  Dues are $30 per year and members receive copies of past papers along with their notice, either by email or post.  
Upcoming Speakers Fall 2011 3rd Tuesday of the month, 650 Fisgard St, Victoria - tyle at 8pm  
September 20th
1760 Degree

Grand Master's Visit

October 18th

Two papers on the subject of the Art of Listening by:

Bro. Ian Dorge &

Bro. Christo Pandelidis

November 15th
The Hidden Esoteric side of Freemasonry

The Hidden Esoteric side of Freemasonry Open discussion and debate

Main Features of
this Website
Eureka Collection Seeking more Light in Freemasonry ? Looking for a starting point ?
The Eureka Collection is a good starting point as a reading list. This collection is based on the Eureka Reading List developed by Alberta based Internet Lodge of Research.
  Library Catalogue A browsable catalogue of the Masonic Library, books are available for reference and loan - contact the librarians for an appointment.  
  Archive of Papers Downloadable archive of past papers presented in Lodge from 1970 to the present day in PDF format.  
Mailing List If you would like to receive email announcements of upcoming meetings and events, email us.  


Meetings start at 8pm and are open to all Masons.
We usually meet in the small Lodge room at 650 Fisgard St.

You do not have to be a Member to attend our meetings,
All Brethren are welcome, no matter where they hail from.