From Worshipful Master Mark Bradley

Let me start by saying that it is an honor and a privilege to serve Unity Lodge No. 36 as Worshipful Master for 2005. I am excited

about the fine slate of officers we have been blessed with and look forward to an awesome year.


We at Unity Lodge recently lost a dear friend and dedicated brother. This man was not only a 50 year Mason,

but was Past Master of Unity Lodge. He served his country during World War II by being involved in several

major campaigns including the Normandy invasion. He was committed to serving his community by becoming

involved in several organizations in and around Jefferson. He was a faithful member of his church, a father and

a husband who had been married to the same woman for over 50 years.


I mention all of this not to eulogize Worshipful Brother Bill Knight, but to remind each of us that as Masons

we are obligated to live our lives in a forgiving, charitable and honorable manner. By continued growth as

men and Masons, we can set examples by the way we conduct our affairs.

This not only brings honor to you and the Fraternity, but will enrich the lives of all around you.

And that, brethren, should be our goal.

Fraternally yours,

Mark Bradley, Worshipful Master

Unity Lodge No. 36