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If you are interested in Freemasonry, and would like to join, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the following:


Union Lodge No. 7 A.F.&A.M.

722 1/2 N. Washington St.

P.O. Box 456

Junction City, KS 66441-0456


Bro. Ron McKenzie

Home- (785)238-1459

Cell- (785)223-3132


Bro. Kyle Gonzalez (webmaster)

Cell- (517)936-6905


Or contact us by filling out the following form:



The Petition Process

Wondering how you can become a part of this wonderful, historic institution? Contrary to popular belief, joining Freemasonry is incredibly easy. Freemasons, although they may speak highly of the organization, do not recruit. YOU HAVE TO EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST TO A MEMBER, to gain admission. The following explains the petition process:


A Masonic Lodge expects to select men with adequate internal and external qualifications which indicate that he can become, and remain, a worthy Mason.

Each man must have a desire to become a Mason of his own free-will and accord, and no good Mason will ever ask any man to join the Fraternity - each must petition unsolicited.

No man may be influenced by mercenary motives, because no man can expect to find business, professional or financial gains for himself by joining the Fraternity and no Mason has any right to solicit such favors from him. These are internal qualifications because they involve motives, and only a man himself can know what his true motives are.

The external qualifications are physical, mental, civic, moral, and religious attributes.

l - Physical. Each petitioner must be a man of lawful age (which in our usage is 18 years), and shall not have reached his years of dotage. He must be in full control of all his senses, able to assume his Masonic obligations, be legally responsible for all his acts, and recognize and discharge his responsibilities.

2 - Mental. Since there is much for a Mason to learn, each petitioner must possess average and normal intellectual abilities-otherwise the teachings of Masonry would be of no benefit to him.

3 - Civic. Freemasonry requires its members to be loyal to their country and obedient to the laws under whose protection they live. In our jurisdiction each must believe in and support and defend the Constitution and the Government Of the United States of America. Each menber must be one who has not lost his rights of citizenship, and he must refrain from involvement in rebellions or mob actions in defiance of public order. Each must be free to assume his Masonic obligations without any outside interference or dictation, a good neighbor and citizen in his community, and under the tongue of good report; that is of sound reputation among those who know him. A good citizen is at all times obedient to the Civil Magistrate.

4 - Moral. A petitioner must be a man of honor and honesty who governs himself by the Compasses, tries himself by the Square, and tests himself by the Plumb. Each Mason is expected to be an example of integrity and rectitude.

5 - Religious. Each petitioner must acknowledge and retain a belief in God and eternal life, and all Masons are required to practice tolerance. Freemasonry questions no man about his personal theological beliefs and no Mason has a right to question the religions beliefs of his brethren.

There are specifications governing the residence of petitioners and each Mason is obliged to pay his share of the dues and assessments levied by his Lodge, but these internal and external qualifications are basic attributes which each petitioner must possess.

A Mason must be a man well able to satisfy the demands of the work; of adequate mental capacity; within the years of responsibility and discretion; of sound character and reputation; a good citizen; a man of religious faith; his own master, free from external control; devoted to the claims of Brotherhood and finally, acceptable to the members of his lodge.


1. The interested party requests a petition from a member, or downloads, prints and completes the petition by clicking here

2. Upon completion, petitioner gets two Masons, to recommend/sign the petition. Don't know any Masons? Complete the contact form above, and we will be glad to have someone contact you!

3. Petitioner turns in COMPLETED petition to their nearest Lodge, where during the next Stated Communication, it is presented.

4. An investigation committee is set up, and dispatched to interview potential candidate, and reports back at the following Stated Communication.

5. Upon recommendation from the investigation committee, the Lodge then proceeds to cast a ballot to accept/reject petitioners request, with petitioner being notified of the results in a due and timely manner.

6. If petition is accepted, a date and time for the candidates initiation is set up, and members conduct rehearsals.

7. Candidate is summoned to the Lodge, and is Initiated in Due and Ancient Form!

The Initiation into Freemasonry is a serious, and solemn event. THIS IS NOT A COLLEGE FRATERNITY! There is absolutely NO HAZING/PRANKING.

Once Initiated, you will be set up with a "coach" who will teach you everything you need to know on how you can advance to the next Degrees, eventually culminating into the infamous Third Degree, or Master Mason.

For more information, please feel free to contact us!