Central City Chapter No. 1 RAM

  PAST HIGH PRIESTS This list will be evolving for awhile, as not all of our records agree with each other.
    Ashley Buss, 2007-08
    Jerry L. Fenimore, 1997-98; 2009
    Don E. McLargin, 2010
  William J. Lloyd, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 Norman C. Lane, 2011-12
  Billy L. Richardson, 2004 Stephen P. Davis, 2012 - 13
  John B. Porter, 2005 R. Roger Stene, 2013 - 14
  Stephen P. Davis, 2006 Joe Kier, 2014-15
    Jerry Rice, 2015-16
    Jason Spigner, 2016-17

Central City Chapter, in fraternal cooperation Georgetown with  Chapter, has historically served the needs of the mountain communities of Georgetown, Central City and Idaho Springs, with many members also belonging to Tyrian Council No. 11 and Georgetown Commandery.

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