January - May 2004

Corps of Officers

Worthy Advisor - Desiree T.

Worthy Associate Advisor - Shannan E., PWA

Charity - Heather S., PWA

Hope - Jessica W.

Faith - Christina A., PWA

Recorder - Jessica J.

Treasurer - vacant

Chaplain Protem - Ashley Y., GO

Drill Leader - Jessica J.

Love - vacant

Religion - vacant

Nature - Ashley F., PWA

Immortality - vacant

Fidelity - Krista N.

Patriotism - vacant

Service - Ashley Y., GO

Confidential Observer Protem - Krista N.

Outer Observer - vacant

Musician - vacant

Choir Director - vacant

Mother Advisor - Mrs. Deann Yanes


Pot of Gold Reporter - Ashley F., PWA


Theme:  "Rainbow Girls Are Like Snowflakes...  Each One Of Them Is Different."

Colors:  blue and white


We're also proud to have Ashley Y., Grand Service 2004, call Tracy #32 home!

If you would like to see our officers for each term we've been on the internet, click on each of the following links:

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May-October 2003
October 2003-January 2004

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