The Freemason Cipher

In earlier times, the Freemasons used a 'cipher' or code to write correspondence, send messages to another, or keep records. It is seldom used today, but remains a part of our lesser known history none the less.
Below is a diagram depicting the basis for the cipher. It was written by using the "cell" for each letter. There is an example of which cells are used to spell the word 'mason'. With a few minutes of study, and by memorizing the cipher, you can now read or write in the Freemasons Cipher. Enjoy!

To learn more about the nature of this particular cipher, read the section below the image.

This particular cipher was found in a New York Best Seller- William Poundstone's Book of Big Secrets, in the chapter on "How to crash the Freemasons". Please note that this cipher is very close to, but not actually the true Blue Lodge or York Rite Cipher! In reality it is a cipher that was used by forces in during the Civil War in the United States. If you closely compare this cipher with that of the York Rite or Blue Lodge, you will see the subtle differences but know that they are different. By knowing this cipher you will not be able to decode a 'real' masonic cipher. This example has been presented for "entertainment purposes" and to educate you about Masonic Ciphers, while keeping within the bounds of our obligations.