Sumner, Illinois

Masonic Lodge #334

Our regular stated meetings are on every

third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm


A Brief History

Joppa Lodge 334 of Sumner, Illinois was organized on February 1, 1860 and formally chartered by the Grand Lodge of Illinois on October 2, 1860. Its founder was Issac Evans, a native of Coshocton, Ohio and former member of the Edward Dobbins Lodge in Lawrenceville.


Charter officers were: William F. Hite, Worshipful Master; Boswell W. Hill, Senior Warden; Joseph Evans, Junior Warden; John W. Watts, Treasurer; and Issac Evans, Secretary. Charter membership totaled 15.


The Harmony Chapter 35 of Royal Arch Masons, York Rite, was first organized in Lawrenceville on October 3rd, 1856 and was removed under special dispensation to Sumner on August 10th 1870.


They met on the First Saturday after the first full moon of the month helping them see their way to the lodge. They met every two weeks thereafter.


Today, the lodge is thriving with over 80 members, ongoing fundraising events, a recent rapid increase in membership and the same kind of strong brotherhood that makes Masonry the greatest fraternity in the world!

---- The 2004 Officers of the Sumner Masonic Lodge #334 ----


                     Office                        Name


                Worshipful Master            A.J. Horstmeyer
                Sr. Warden                        Bill Slichenmeyer
                Jr. Warden                        Greg Robbins
                Treasurer                          Keith Routein
                Secretary                          Marion Hankins
                Sr. Deacon                         Chad Ray
                Jr. Deacon                         Collin Ray
                Chaplain                             Brian Emmons
                Sr. Stewart                       Jerry Harper
                Jr. Stewart                       Chris Allen 
                Tyler                                Carl Aten



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