Do you want to be a Mason?


A frequently asked question regarding Freemasonry is, "Why hasn't anyone asked me to join?" You may have friends or relatives that already belong to the Masonic Fraternity and be wondering why they haven't asked you to join. It is important for you to know that those who desire Membership must seek it on their own. In most jurisdictions members are not allowed to ask anyone to join. Unfortunately, without this important understanding, many qualified men have not enjoyed the special rewards of Membership and fellowship in Freemasonry. If you are a good man and want to be part of this great fraternity, knowing that thousands of children each year are being helped because of the good works attributed to the Freemasons, Email us at the email address below or ask a member of the Masonic Brotherhood and we will contact you in person.  It doesn't matter whether you are requesting more information on Freemasonry in general, or requesting membership in a Masonic Lodge. Helping you will be our main objective and your request can be forwarded to any place in the free world where a Freemason will assist you .