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How to Become a Freemason

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 To Request a Membership Petition, contact our Lodge Secretary, Charles DePoy ... Charles DePoy

What are the requirements for Membership?

Twenty-two words establish the most important prerequisite to becoming a Mason. " . . . We receive none, knowingly, into our ranks who are not moral and upright before God and of good repute before the world . . .


Will You be asked to join?

No.  As Freemasons, we believe that membership in a fraternity as worthy as ours must come from a "sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow creatures" and not because of coaxing, coercion, or of any promise of material gain of any kind.  Among the millions of Masons, not one was lawfully invited to apply for membership.  Our code of conduct prevents it.  Thus, no faithful Mason can invite you.  Any Mason can obtain a petition for the Degrees of Masonry for you -- but you must ask for it -- and for good reason.



Ask Yourself

You must first ask yourself if you're suitably prepared to enter the "gentle craft of Masonry" ... to become a brother in the world's most exclusive fraternal order.  Few men are intellectually or spiritually prepared to understand or appreciate even the more apparent meanings of Masonry.


Do you reflect on the nature of man's existence and your obligations to God, your family, yourself?


If such ethical and moral questions hold little interest for you, then you will gain little benefit from the teachings of the Craft.  But if you seek a more meaningful quality of life -- and the spirit of charity and good fellowship which flow from it -- then Freemasonry has much to offer.


We want you to know what we believe, how we act, and what we do ... and, then, should you become a Mason, to be proud to be our Brother and to participate in our work.  Only those who desire membership because of their favorable impression of us should seek a petition for membership.  That's why you must "ask yourself."


Unfortunately, many good men who would like to become Masons never do so because they are unaware of the requirement that "it be of your own free will and accord," that you must ask to join the Fraternity.



What happens at the initiation?

An applicant, whose petition has been accepted by the lodge, is advised of the date his Entered Apprentice Degree has been scheduled.  On that date, following a brief Ritualistic opening, the petitioner is properly prepared and introduced to the lodge.  The solemn process is an enlightening experience and the candidate need never worry that embarrassing or compromising situations will arise during this (or any other degree).

After receiving the Entered Apprentice Degree, you will be expected to memorize several key passages of the Ritual and help will be extended in the teaching/learning process.

Having learned the required Ritualistic work and satisfying the lodge of that proficiency, you will be asked to return for the conferral of your Fellow Craft Degree.  Following a proficiency examination on that Degree, you will advance to the "last and highest grade of Freemasonry -- "the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason."

Only after having completed these three symbolic degrees will you truly understand the oft-quoted statement, "Freemasonry Builds Its Temples in the Hearts of Men."



What we ask of you

Any man who is nineteen years of age or older and of good moral character, who comes well-recommended, and who believes in a Supreme Being, may petition to become a Freemason.



Contact a Mason

If you desire to learn more about Masonic membership and wish to obtain a petition, feel free to contact a Mason to satisfy yourself concerning Freemasonry.

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