Photos by W. Bro. Ron Woodard. Click on photos to view larger versions.

white4.jpg (24161 bytes) Grand Master Del Ripley receiving his War Club.


white2.jpg (25305 bytes) W. Bro. Neddermeyer, MW Bro. Del Ripley, MW Bro. Jeffry N. Lewis, and W. Bro Paul Schmidt.


white3.jpg (24028 bytes) The evening speaker W. Bro. Neil Neddermeyer delivering a fiery oration from the podium.


white1.jpg (17150 bytes) South Dakota Lodge of Masonic Research  members in reenactor garb.  L-R W. Bro. Jim Acker, W. Bro. Milo Dailey IV and W. Bro. Dale Miskimins.