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Shrewsbury's Masons meet in the Crewe Street Masonic Hall (formerly St Michael's Church) not far from the Fire Station.


FROM THE TOWN CENTRE:   From the town end of Welsh Bridge, keep the river on your left and the town on your right, and stay in the left lane. Past the bus station lights bear left, then get into the right hand lane and turn under the railway bridge. Get into the left lane and turn left. After about 400 yards turn left into Crewe Street. Keep the wooden fence on your left until you reach the iron gates. A high stone wall surrounds the Hall.

FROM THE NORTH/NORTH-EAST:  From the A49/A53 head towards Town Centre via Harlescott or the by-pass (B5062 Newport Road roundabout) until you reach the first large roundabout (near Morrison's store). Continue towards Town Centre. Continue until you pass a mini-roundabout near the bus depot. Take the next right, turning immediately left into Crewe Street. The Hall is surrounded by high stone walls, and the entrance has iron gates.

FROM THE NORTH (via WREXHAM or from the Welsh side):  The easiest (though longer) method is to follow the new by-pass all the way round the town until the B5062 Newport roundabout (which is the first roundabout anti-clockwise after the M54 turning). Then follow the instructions above (from North).   Eight miles shorter - but more adventurous - is to leave the by-pass at the B438 Montgomery roundabout, passing the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Keep heading straight on for the Town Centre; at the large Frankwell roundabout continue for Town Centre, shortly thereafter swinging right across the Welsh Bridge. Turn left after the bridge and follow instructions as above (from the Town Centre)

FROM THE EAST:  from the M54 continue towards Shrewsbury (A5) until you reach the first roundabout. Turn right. The next roundabout is the Newport roundabout - follow directions as from the North.

GOOD LUCK - in case of difficulty, phone the Hall on 01743 355677