Here you can see the new Charity Jewel which has been available from 1st January, 2005 to Shropshire Masons who support the New Masonic Samaritan Fund Festival, which will reach its climax in 2008. During the intervening years the jewel may be worn by all those entitled to it, and it is the hope of the Provincial committee that the Festival will prove so successful that the Grand Master will declare it a 'permanent' jewel - in other words, one that may be worn after 2008.

Masons having a minimum of 100 in their 'A' fund account (check with your Charity Steward if unsure) need to fill in a form guaranteeing that this amount (or more) will be transferred to the Festival total in 2008. This qualifies you as a Steward of the Festival, and you are then entitled to wear the jewel. The jewel itself costs 15 to purchase.

For those wishing to pledge more to the Festival, higher honorific titles are available, up to Grand Patron. Details of these titles and the totals required to qualify are also to be had from the Lodge Charity Stewards.

Toye, Kenning and Spencer have also produced a limited number of fine cufflinks which bear the Masonic Samaritan Fund title and the Provincial badge; these are available from Michael Heywood or via your Charity Steward. The cost is 17.50, and once again, the profit from this venture will help boost the 2008 Festival Fund.

For Masons wishing to learn more, and most especially for those wishing to subscribe towards a jewel, details are available from the Charity Stewards of the individual Shropshire Lodges.