Welcome to Shropshire! There are no less than thirty-three Craft Lodges set among Housman's "blue remembered hills". The oldest of these, Salopian Lodge number 262, was founded in 1788, and counted Thomas Telford among its members. The most recent, West Mercia Lodge number 9719, was founded as recently as 2000.

For Shropshire Masons there is a page of News together with a comprehensive list of Lodges and Chapters with contact details, including hyperlinks wherever known. You will also find a page for other Masonic Orders, a page devoted to the Newsletter, a list of forthcoming Events and a gallery of photographs from around the Province. We also have a page dedicated to our fund-raising for the 2008 Festival.

For visitors from further afield, or non-Masons in Shropshire, there is also a page with a brief history of Freemasonry, and a page for those who would like to know How do I join? We apologise that our Guestbook has been discontinued - I am afraid that it had been targeted by numerous automated and unsolicited postings by advertisers, and was having to be 'cleared' on a very regular basis. All this rather spoiled the original intention. You may still contact us, however, and we are always pleased to receive news of you or bona fide requests for information.

The recommended first point of contact for general enquiries is the Provincial Grand Secretary, John Clayton (01952 299202)  . The Press and Information Officer is Alan Howls (01939 260442). We hope that all visitors to this web-site, Masons and non-Masons alike, will find something of interest in these pages.

                   James McAllister Hodgson, Provincial Grand Master



(Overseas visitors please note that telephone numbers throughout are as for the U.K.; further details of how to make international connections are given on our Contacts page.)

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