Quarterly Newsletter - MAY 2007  

Person ‘N Lodge


Free Masonry in Person County

In 1982 the Roxboro paper, The Courier-Times, printed a Centennial edition.  JW Green, Past Master of Person #113, contributed an article detailing the history of Free Masonry in Person County.  Here is an excerpt from Free Masonry In Person County”


“Temple Lodge U.D. A.F. & A.M.

Interest in a Masonic Lodge in Person County began in early 1800 and on Dec. 18, 1816 a dispensation for a lodge was granted by Grand Master John L. Tyler of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina.  However, due to circumstance which are not known the dispensation was surrendered in 1819.


Mill Creek Lodge U.D. A.F. &A. M.

This Lodge received it’s dispensation from the Grand Master Francis M. Moye in 1895, but was never chartered, the dispensation being revoked in 1897.


Woodsdale Lodge No. 625 A.F. & A. M.

Woodsdale Lodge No. 625 was granted a charter on Jan 19, 1916 by Grand Master F.P. Hobgood Jr.  It was consolidated with Person Lodge No. 113. On Jan. 8, 1925.


Person Lodge No. 113, A.F. & A. M.

A charter was granted to Person Lodge No. 113 on Dec 7, 1847 by Grand Master Phineas W. Farrning.  Rev. B. M. Williams, a prominent preacher in Person County, was elected Master of the Lodge;  Edwin G. Reade, a young up-and-coming lawyer in Roxboro Mayor of Roxboro, and later to become the first Justice of the State Supreme Court to serve in both the Confederate and United States Congresses, was elected Senior Warden…..”


It should be noted that Edwin G. Reade became Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in 1865, one of 3 members of Person #113 to serve in that position.  It is Judge Reade’s portrait which hangs next to the door to the meeting room in our Lodge.


More Person #113 history will follow in future issues of this newsletter as our Lodge will be celebrating it’s 160th birthday this year.


Person #113 supports the WWII Veterans of Person County

The Rotary Club of Roxboro is soliciting donations for “A Ride of Honor—Honoring the World War II Veterans in Person County, for their courage, their valor, and their sacrifices during this war era by taking them to the World War II Memorial in Washington DC” on May 9th, 2007.  The trip will be provided to Veterans at no cost to themselves.  Our Lodge donated $200 in honor those members of our Lodge who served in the War.



Lodge Birthdays  

Donald Long 4/16

Ted Parent 4/18

Gordon Allen 4/29

Ray Wooten 5/3

Arthur Winstead 5/14

Ollie Purnell 5/17

Danny Penticost 5/20

Victor Williford 5/22

Dan Caudell 5/23

Wallace Bradsher 6/2

Bill Hicks 6/9

Bobby Dixon 6/11

Don Paith 6/21

David Bradsher 6/23

Kevin Jones 6/16

Bruce Parrott 6/18

Owen Durham 6/24

John Bradsher 6/25

Nick Cannada 6/28


Dinner Committees


            May 22, 2007                                  June 26, 2007                                  July 24, 2007

            Tommy Oakley                                 David Root                                   C. W. Boyette

            Chuck Stewart                               Jerry Stewart                                 Norman Boyette

            Tobie Stone                                     Derek Green                                       Fred Fox     

            Clu Powel                                        Andy Wooten                                    Scott Specer

                  Malcolm Wooten                                  Billy Horner

                                                                 Raymond Wooten                                Donald Long

Other Masonic Groups in Person County

 The Roxboro Shrine Club conducts it’s regular meetings on the 1st Thursday of each month.

The Order of the Eastern Star, Roxboro Chapter #207, conducts it’s regular meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month.


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Attend and support your Lodge in 2007.