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  How would you like a Masonic License Plate like this to display on your Car or Truck! Two pieces of legislation introduced in this session of The Georgia General Assembly would authorize consideration of a Masonic Tag like this for Georgia Masons. The Bills are SB# 279 and HB# 1041.

   SB #279 was read in the State Senate for the second time on April 7, 2003. The State Senate Committee for Public Safety and Homeland Security has approved this bill. The bill is still viable and will be taken up by the Senate again this January. An almost identical bill was introduced in The House of Representatives on April 25,2003,it is HB # 1041. They both propose to create a distinctive License Plate honoring the Masons of Georgia. The funds raised by tag sales would go to Masonic Charities. However the legislation as currently worded will require a public vote in 2004, amending the states constitution to allow funds raised by sales of these tags to go to Masonic Charities. Many states already have tags such as this one,ex:Nevada and Indiana. We need to continue to press our State Legislators to pass this legislation next year by all means at our disposal, as both a statewide organization or individually as Masons. I also ask for the help of all Master Masons in this effort, calling, writing and meeting with our elected state officials to urge them to pass this legislation in the current session. 

   Feel free to contact The Grand Master of Georgia Masons or myself with any ideas or suggestions concerning this proposal. We need your help!

Thank you,
Bro.Mitchell Silvers
Mountain Park #729 F&AM.
4514 Cinco Drive
Lilburn, Ga. 30047