2003 Installation of Officers

Elections were held on 16 December 2002, and congratulations to the following Brothers who were elected/appointed for 2003.

Our open installation of officers was conducted on 21 Dec 2002 at 6pm. Brother Bob Mathews did another  fine job conducting  the installation while the Marshal of ceremonies, Brother Richard Poole ensured the newly elected and appointed officers were properly organized to receive their oath and implements of their office.

The lodge was almost standing room only, as family, friends, brothers, and sisters came out to show their support for our new Worship Master, Brother Larry Hitt.

For the many of you not in attendance, you  truly missed an outstanding   evening of Masonic ceremonies and fellowship.

Many thanks to our Sisters in the Eastern Star for organizing the outstanding dinner after the installation.

Larry Hitt, WM Marcus Pajer, SW Wayne Anderson, JW
Al Carpenter, SD John Criess, JD George Reckentine, SS
Jerry Frie, JS Bill Collins, Tyler Bob Mathews, Chaplin
Archie Black, Treasurer Roland Cliffe, Secretary Bob Wollsey, DOW
Richard Poole, M

Click here to see the pictures of the installation.