Ray Lodge #223 Newsletter

September 1, 2002


181st Annual Grand Lodge Communications September 23rd and 24th 2002

Grand Lodge of Missouri A.F. & A.M. will be hold their annual communication September 23rd and 24th at the Holiday Inn Select in Columbia. All Officers, and members are encouraged to attend. Reservations can be made with the Holiday Inn Select by calling 573-445-8531, additional information can be obtained by calling the grand Lodge at 573-474-8561, or by going to the Missouri Grand lodge web site, at www.momason.org.

  Family Gathering at the lodge on Sept 8, 2002, at 2:00 PM to present French B. Kirkland with his 50 year pin.

  It is our honor, and pleasure to announce an open meeting at the Lodge Hall Sept. 8, at 2:00 PM. This meeting is to present French B. Kirkland his fifty-year pin. All members, and their families are invited to attend while we honor our dedicated brother for a lifetime of service to the lodge. Refreshments will be served, along with a good amount of fellowship. We look forward to seeing you there.


A web site has been established for Ray Lodge #223

The new web site will have information on upcoming events, what degree work that will be done at the regular meetings. The web site will also have information on any special meetings, or degree work.  The page is currently under construction, and will be updated in the near future. The address for the page is:


 Any comments or requests for the page contact Gary Foote at, gryfoote@aol.com

If you have an e-mail address please contact Gary either by phone or e-mail so he can send you the newsletter, and any upcoming lodge events via the internet.



  After 77 years they finally surrender.

Our lodge hall was built in 1925. It has needed many different repairs in over the years. The plaster walls on the second floor have stood strong for 77 years, but they have finally yielded to the drastic temper changes, the constant pull of gravity, and have started to crumble. As they crumble they are taking the wood paneling that is attached to them down also. The wood paneling is bowing out from the pressure of the falling plaster behind them. It has been suggested by one member that the paneling be carefully removed, the loose plaster be removed, and stud walls be erected with stiff foam insulation in them. When that is finished the paneling can be replaced, and what plaster that remains will be held in place by the foam. That idea has been investigated, and the cost of materials alone will be approximately $1650.00. The Treasurer reports that the Lodge has less that half the money required to do the project.  We need help. There is no way to stop the ravages of time. The plaster will continue to fall, soon the paneling will come off, and the brick that makes up the walls will be exposed.

If any brother has a better idea, or is willing to donate time or money to the present idea please come to a meeting, or contact our Secretary, Bob Stonner. All help will be appreciated.

  Lodge Officers to be elected, and installed

Lodge Officers for the 2002-2003 year will be elected September 5th, and will be installed at the regular meeting September 19th.

If you wish to participate with the election of officers please attend the first meeting September 5th. The installation of officers will be a closed meeting, and all members are invited to attend.


Ray lodge #223 News Letter

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Degree work continues within the District 15 Lodges

Some of the District 15 lodges have had degree work since the last newsletter in June. All of the lodges have pulled together to assist each other in the conferring of degrees. Below is a partial list of the degree work done over the last three months.

Richmond Lodge #57

Brother                         Date                           Degree

Tony Warren             June 22, 02                 2nd

                                  Aug. 17, 02                 3rd

David McGregor       June 22, 02                  1st

                                  July 20, 02                  2nd

                                  Aug. 17, 02                 3rd

Mount Hope #476 Odessa

Marvin Rushing        May 2                         3rd

Jeffery Francis          Aug. 14                       3rd

Ray #223 Camden

George Murphy         July 18                       3rd

Denver Horton          Aug 1                         2nd

                                  Aug. 29                      3rd

A special Thanks to all of the brethren that helped with the third degree on Denver Horton. It was a special night. We had brothers from Orrick, Richmond, Lexington, Carrolton, and Odessa help in conferring the third degree. All worked hard to make that work some of the best I have seen.

Also a special Thanks to Stanley Massey the District Deputy Grand Lecturer. He has been at all of the District 15 lodges to assist when ever asked. He has been an inspiration to all who work with him.



Missouri District 15 Lodges, and Meeting


#57 Richmond Lodge, Richmond, 3rd Monday

#149 Lexington lodge, Lexington, 3rd Tuesday

#217 Barbee Lodge, Sweet Springs, 3rd Thurs.

#223 Ray Lodge, Camden, 1st & 3rd Thursday

#354 Higginsville Lodge, Higginsville, 4th Mon.

#444 Ada Lodge, Orrick, 2nd & 4th Thursday

#476 Mount Hope Lodge, Odessa, 1st & 3rd Thurs.

All lodges begin their meetings at 7:30PM







District deputy Grand Master 15th District

James R Rippy     Ray Lodge#223

District Deputy grand Lecturer 15th District

Stanley E. Massey     Mount Hope Lodge #476

  Current Officers of Ray Lodge #223

Worshipful Master             John Long

Senior Warden           Beuford Rogers

Junior Warden            Michael Persell

Secretary                      Robert Stonner

Treasurer                       Thomas James

Chaplain                   Doyle Ed Hughes

Marshal                    Graham C. Myers

Senior Deacon              Douglas Porter

Junior Deacon                  Robert Smith

Senior Stewart       Milton Mac Proffitt

Junior Stewart                   James Rippy

Tiler                          Michael Summers

Masonic Home Ed. Officer Bill French

Masonic Home Rep.              John Long

  Meetings are still on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays

Editorial by Gary Foote

  We honestly solicit your attendance at our regularly stated meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. I personally know how easy it is to get out of the habit of attending the regular meetings. I was out of the habit for several years, and did not feel like I was missing anything. Since my return to Lodge, I have found the pleasant feeling of friendship, fellowship, and belonging. I had forgotten how good it felt to be with people that welcome my company, that I have a common bond of friendship, and understanding with. We all have some people that we find difficult to get close to, or relate to, but when we are working to open the Lodge, or confer degrees we work as a single unit. Each knowing what the other is doing, and working together to achieve a common goal. That to me is what makes the Lodge so important today. In today’s’ world full of constant bombardment of information, most of which is bad; the Lodge offers a rest bit, almost a sanctuary. A place where you are among friends, not competitors. Join us; share in our fellowship. We miss your knowledge, your friendship, and your company.