Honoring Norman J. Mick
Grand Master of Masons in Ohio


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Make Your Mark in Masonry

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Master Craftsmen in all ages have used a mark to identify their work and distinguish it as their own. Goldsmiths, silversmiths, luthiers and violin makers as well as operative have always used small, highly personalized drawings as their mark. These were stamped, cut, inlaid or printed on completed works of their craft.

Sometimes these marks were comprised of a stylized version of the individual's initials. Often they were small, simple pictures that told a private story about the individual craftsman's life. These marks were recorded by their respective guilds and were known to their fellow craftsmen.

After you have received the Mark Master degree you may use the PDF document linked below to make a copy of your personal mark within the General Mark of the Craft. Your chapter will provide you with a Mark Card for the permanent copy of your mark that will be recorded in your chapter's archives, in the Mark Book.

Your personal Mark may be of any design you choose. It could incorporate your initials or those of family members, any Masonic emblem or an emblem pertaining to your profession or hobbies. Once your Mark has been recorded in your chapter's Mark Book, it can never be changed.