Honoring Norman J. Mick
Grand Master of Masons in Ohio

The Circle of Perfection

Recommended as a Proper, Rational and Commendable Course of Masonic Advancement

The newly created Master Mason who is desirous of advancing further in Masonry is usually in doubt as to which of the various Masonic bodies he should connect himself with.

Unless he has advice from a brother in whom he has confidence, he is apt to sign the first petition blank placed in his hands, without knowing whether he is proceeding in logical order along the Masonic system of degrees, or is neglecting some of its most valuable and important degrees by jumping past them.

Image: Circle of Perfection

The design printed above, the Circle of Perfection of Ancient Craft Masonry, portrays graphically the course of advancement which experience has shown to be the best and wisest for the young Mason to follow, namely: through the Royal Arch Chapter, and the Cryptic Council.

We know that Masonry is a search for light; for knowledge; for those things which are lost, unknown to and hidden from the uninitiated.

We know further that it is a system of Morals, and that while it is veiled in allegory and illustrated in symbols, it is a progressive science, each degree adding to and being a logical sequence of the preceding degree.

To attain mastership of the real essential meaning and intent of Masonry, one should therefore follow the system progressively, and that can be best done through the degrees of the Circle of Perfection.

As one advances step by step, in these degrees there is a steady, rational, connected and progressive attainment of useful knowledge, revealed gradually amid beautiful and impressive symbolisms, each carrying a lesson, and each providing food for happy and beneficial thought and reflection.

No Mason can correctly and fully comprehend the real ideals of Freemasonry without a knowledge of these ten degrees of the Ancient Craft system which are here recommended to his study.

Each degree is a distinct step forward, following logically after the basic degrees of the Blue Lodge. The Chapter reveals that which is hinted at in the Lodge, and the Council makes clear the rational means by which the light has been preserved from Ancient times, to him who seeks it aright.

Historic records show that the Royal Arch Degree and the Select Masters Degree are as ancient as those of any other body of Masonry, with the sole exception of the degrees of the Blue Lodge; and their beautiful, orderly and systematic order of arrangement proves that all the degrees of the Chapter and the Council are correct, and demonstrates that for true Masonic worth and importance they are second to none.

This system of degrees is complete in itself, embracing the sum total of Ancient Craft Masonry, and he who receives them attains indeed to the Circle of Perfection.

When one has thoroughly assimilated the lessons of these degrees and comprehends clearly the true ideals of Ancient Craft Masonry, he is then prepared, if he should desire to advance further, to understand and appreciate, at their true worth, the lessons and symbolisms of the additional beautiful and valuable degrees of the higher bodies.


From the 100th anniversary program of
Cincinnati Council No. 1, Royal and Select Masters of Ohio
March 6, 1928


Image: Cincinnati Council No. 1, Royal and Select Masters