What is the Order of the Amaranth Inc.?

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal
organization composed of Master Masons and
their properly qualified female relatives. In its
teachings, the members are emphatically
reminded of their duties to God, to their country,
and to their fellow beings. They are urged to
portray, by precept and example, their belief in
the "Golden Rule" and by conforming to the
virtues inherent in Truth, Faith, Wisdom, and
Charity they can prove to others the fondness
promulgated by the Order.

The extent of its Charitable Work and overall
Benevolence is limited only by the opportunities
that exist, and the ability to secure adequate
funding. Its Philanthropic project is the
Amaranth Diabetes Foundation. The flag of the
appropriate country is prominently displayed at
all meetings creating a strong sentiment of
patriotism and devotion to the respective land
that we love.

Conspicuously upon the Altar is placed the Holy
Bible, the inspired word of God. Its divine
truths send forth its sacred luster to all parts of
the globe and it is used among us as a symbol of
the will of God. It reminds us of the
omnipresence of the "Almighty" overshadowing
us with His Divine Love and dispensing His
blessings among us.

The leaves of the Amaranth plant (like the
Laurel) is indicative of distinction and honor,
and when formed into the "Amaranthine
Wreath" with its never ending circle, is typical
of the bond of fraternal friendship which
encircles our beloved order, and which has a
central place upon our Standard (Ceremonial
Flag), surrounding the Crown and Sword.

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