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January 10, 2008
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January 19, 2008
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As all can see, this webpage for our Lodge is new and still under construction.  One of the primary goals of this webpage is to be able to share information with our internet using members.  This leads to a second goal...that of saving postage costs.  Through this website, members are encouraged to contact me in order to be put on an email list for newsletters and other announcements.  If you are interested in receiving emails rather than "snail mails", simply click on the "Contact Us" link and send an email requesting the change.

Grayson W. Mayfield, III  PM
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Bill Harlow  PM
Senior Warden
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Joe Rutland
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Grayson Mayfield, III  PM
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Ed Chesser
Junior Deacon
Danny Crapse, Jr.
Joe Vincent
Jake Sullivan
Ben Ayer, PDDGM
Allen McMillan, PM
Updated as of November 11, 2007

~ We’re Old! ~

     The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina ranks as one of the top ten oldest Grand Lodges in the world.  Our first Lodge was founded in 1735 and the Provincial Grand Lodge in South Carolina was chartered in 1737.

     We are, without a doubt, at least the eighth oldest Grand Lodge in the world and at least the fourth oldest in the United States.  There is a friendly dispute, however, with our Brothers down in Georgia concerning their claimed date of founding.  Therefore, there is a possibility that we are the seventh oldest in the world and the third oldest in this country.  Here are the generally accepted years of founding for the ten oldest Grand Lodges:


United Grand Lodge of England – 1717

Grand Lodge of Ireland – 1725

Grand Lodge of France – 1728

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania – 1731

Grand Lodge of Massachusetts – 1733

Grand Lodge of Georgia – 1735

Grand Lodge of Scotland – 1736

Grand Lodge of South Carolina – 1737

Grand Lodge of the Three Globes (Germany) – 1740

Grand Lodge of Denmark - 1743


     South Carolina Freemasonry has provided much to the world-wide Fraternity.  Our state has produced some of the most read and respected Masonic scholars, such as Albert Pike and Albert Mackey.  The reader is invited to research further into the rich history of Freemasonry in South Carolina.

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On this Veterans' Day...and on all days, remember those that have protected the freedom of this nation.