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Thursday, October 4th, 2007
Dinner 7:15 PM  Meeting 8:00 PM


August was a busy month and September will be too. We Initiated Brother Ken Willis on the 9th and Brothers Wayne Carey, Billy Moore and Brandon Davis were Passed to the Degree of a Fellow Craft on the 23rd. The Masters & Wardens Club is holding their Annual Outdoor Degree at Atalaya on Sep 22nd, hosted by PI409 and at least two of our Brothers will be raised there.

Speaking of Atalaya, the meal, which will be prepared by Nance's Cedar Hill Landing, will be served at 5:00PM and the degree will start at 6:00PM. All officers of our lodge need to be there or notify ME in advance so your replacement will can be notified.  We will be conducting the first half of the degree and then turn it over to the Master & Wardens Club to do the 2nd half with several of our Brothers having a part in it.

Don't forget the Putt-Putt Golf event that also begins at 9:00AM on the 22nd. For your $10, you get to play golf, enjoy hot dogs & hamburgers with all the trimmings and have a chance to win a 30 inch flat screen TV & other great prizes that will be given away that day. Trophies will be awarded for the winners of the Golf Tournament and there will be games for the children. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 on the day of the event. Contact me at the lodge or by calling 457-8383.

Thanks to the Brethren who helped remove the old carpet from downstairs, move the furniture out of the way and then replace it after the new carpet was put in. It sure looks good but it's not done yet. We have carpet to lay on the landing upstairs and some special carpet, which is on order, that will go near the Altar.

We will vote on WB Ivan Wells for dual membership and Mr. Brian Crislip, Jason Jackson, Larry Faircloth and Chris Harrison's petitions are in the hands of the Investigation Committee and hopefully we'll be voting on them. We have raised 8 Brothers so far this year and will raise several more.

WB Ken Crompton had his Prostrate operated on last month, is doing well and back to work.  SW Jeff Pelasara's skin cancer operation on his left ear is not noticeable and he feels that it was a success.

Road Warriors and Volunteers to clean the Lodge, will meet on Sep 8th at 7:00AM at the lodge for breakfast and then work.  It won't take long to do the work, if enough Brothers show up.  Remember that every Brother who has been initiated, passed or raised in the last year is obligated to serve on these committees.  If you have questions, contact me at 457-8383. We have some special awards which will be presented in the Lodge at our Sept. meeting and would love for you to be a part of it.

Bob Cape, WM
Masonic Birthdays
Vic Young
Sep 1st Mitch Fipps Sep 18th
Marshall Bryant Sep 4th  ♪ Steve Bosch Sep 25th
Joel Goldman Sep 5th Jim Remington Sep 28th
J.D. Miller Sep 10th    
From the Secretary:

I am proud that our Lodge is growing and we have so many new Masons that will help us make a mark on our community. We older Masons, who have been in the fraternity for a while, need to make an extra effort to help them start in the right direction. We should be thankful that we have new Masons who are anxious to go through the chairs. Please meet with them and give them encouragement as they will shape the future of Pawleys Island 409.

We just had an EA Degree where the Working Tools were presented in a beautiful manner by Brother Mike Johnson, who was raised only two weeks before. This is an extraordinary feat and should challenge all of us to learn more Masonic work.
Dual - WB Ivan Michael Wells
Degrees- Brian Crislip & Jason Jackson

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