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~  A Brief Lodge History  ~

Lodge Room

NOVEMBER 16, 1966 - Dispensation to establish a new Lodge at Pawleys Island, SC was granted by MW R. Lewis Smith, GM.

The first meeting place was in the Parish House of All Saints Episcopal Church, Pawleys Island. 

  • WM - Henry G. Deer, PM
  • SW - Boyd L. Marlow, Sr., PM
  • JW - W. Reese Hart 
  • Treas. - George Edwin Prince 
  • Sec. - Earnest LeRoy Barnes 
  • SD - Andrew Lealand Gantt 
  • JD - Charles William Cusick 
  • Stew. - William Dewey McCall 
  • Stew. - William Harold Sapp, Jr. 
  • Tiler - Gordon Leath Miller, Jr.

DECEMBER 7, 1966 - Our first Regular Communication. Grand Master Smith, accompanied by other Grand Lodge officers, delivered the Dispensation Document to the Lodge. Forty-five (45) members and visitors were present. 

JULY 14, 1967 - Grand Master Smith constituted Pawleys Island Lodge #409 and installed the Lodge officers. Eighteen Grand Lodge officers were present. 

MARCH 6, 1969 - A Building Committee was authorized to begin construction of a Lodge building on land donated by WM and Mrs. W. Reese Hart. 

JULY 3, 1969 - The Lodge received the official Charter Document. 

DECEMBER 4, 1969 - The first meeting was held in the new Lodge building - our current building. 

FEBRUARY 2, 1978 - The last of the bonds issued to finance the Lodge building were called and paid.  Lodge now free of debt through fund raising efforts. 

SEPTEMBER 12, 1985 - MW Jesse Branhan, GM, visited, monitoring work done on the F.C. Degree. 

SEPTEMBER 22, 1989 - Hurricane Hugo: Fortunately no Lodge casualties. Our Lodge contributed substantial effort & material assistance to storm victims including food & clothing delivered in the hard hit community of nearby McClellanville. 

FEBRUARY 7, 1991 - An informal visit by MWBro. Jarman, PGM of North Dakota, MWBro. Ross, PGM of Illinois during a Regular Communication. 

AUGUST 7, 1991 - Received a large cash donation by Bro. Salem Van Every, III for Lodge renovation & landscaping. WBro. & Mrs. W. Reese Hart donated the Lodge’s cornerstone. 

MAY 16, 1992 - Grand Lodge of South Carolina opened at Pawleys Island Lodge #409, MW William D. Longshore, GM, presided for the setting of cornerstone & dedication of Lodge Building. 

SEPTEMBER 19, 2002 - WM Hugh Peteet, Master of P.I. 409 welcomed MW G. Kent Elkins, GM, along with other Grand Lodge Officer's attendance at a special “Table Lodge” conducted by Pawleys Island Lodge #409.
Most Historical Highlights adopted from archived notes of WBro. Charles Cusick, PM, deceased.



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