WINTER 03-04

"Tidings from the East"

First and foremost, let me take this opportunity to thank the Grand Architect, the officers, and members of Otterbein Lodge for the honor of serving as Master for this coming year.

With the hustle and bustle of the election, degree work, the annual feast, and the Holidays over, it's time to begin working toward making 2004 a successful year. I have a few plans, a lot of energy, and the hope that our members will help to make this a banner year for Otterbein Lodge.

We have an amazing officer line this year! Together we are planning three goals for the coming year.

The very best impressions of our fraternity both within and without our membership is from the work we do for others. With that in mind our goals will be designed to strengthen our lodge so as to be a source of pride for all of it's members.

Our first goal is to achieve the Grand Master's award. By seeking this award we are committing to a plan of action will help take pride in our lodge, and by extension in each other. The very first two meetings will be devoted to the business of planning for this award. Earning this award entails completing work for both our lodge and community. It represents real accomplishment of Masonic work.

Our second goal is to take care of our own charity first. As a fraternity our first duty is to ourselves, and we need to make sure that all of our members and their families are taken care of. To help accomplish this the officers have committed to seeing that every member of the lodge is contacted at least once, by phone, in the next three months. To do this we are asking every brother for his current work and residence phone numbers.

Our final goal is to make sure that every meeting is held with the highest decorum and with proper presentation. To achieve this every officer will be committed to showing his pride by dressing in our “Sunday Best” for every communication of the lodge this coming year. If we will attend to this and the other goals with due diligence, I am sure that not only will our pride show through, but we will accomplish something of great importance.

I know that I stand on the shoulders of Giants who worked very hard to make our' Lodge what it is today. I feel that I owe a debt of service to the brethren who served the Lodge in the past and those serving today. I will work to make every time the Lodge doors are open a special occasion and this year a fulfilling year for Otterbein Lodge. With the help of you and other brothers like you we are assured of success.

Parting on the Square,

Bob Finch, W.M. Elect