Greetings Brothers;

Earlier this year you received several double sided "business cards". We are enclosing some more cards, this time professionally printed. You might be wondering what they are for and why you have received them.

But first we are expecting several exciting meetings in the next few months. Immediately coming up on our first meeting in October (2nd) will be the first of four upcoming 50 year award ceremonies! Bro. Harold Trout, one of my own masonic mentors, is receiving this award and I am thrilled for him. If you haven't met Bro. Harold yet, you are in for a treat! We also have several other programs planned. I hope to see you there.

Which brings us back to the enclosed cards. Earlier this year Grand Lodge held several meetings for lodge officers where it was impressed upon us that the numbers of incoming masons are far from that which is needed to sustain the fraternity. Our lodge is quite unique in that our numbers have held virtually constant over the last ten years. However the increasing age of our members means our lodge will be faced in the next few years with a substantial membership drop as our lodge brothers begin to pass on.

Several recent innovations have been enacted by Grand Lodge to increase membership. Among these is the ability to inform and ask qualified men if they would like to consider membership and a streamlined yet complete one-day initiation, passing and raising. This spring Bro. Harold Trout came up with the idea of passing out cards to prospective candidates and inviting them to meet with our lodge either for a special recruitment meeting, or one of our monthly dinner meetings. Bro. Harold's idea has been enthusiastically welcomed by the Grand Master and Grand Lodge.

By keeping these cards handy in your wallet you are taking the vital first step in increasing our lodge's membership. W.M. Ron Shoup and our lodge officers are committed to seeing that each person you bring in via these cards will be contacted within 48 hours after you have invited them to a meeting at out lodge. We intend to see to it that each candidate is valued and encouraged. With your help and encouragement we can insure that Otterbein lodge has a healthy and secure future.

Very best regards;

Bob Finch, S.W.