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The Trestleboard

Owasso Masonic Lodge #545

“Men working together to build a better community”


October 6, 2005                                                                                                           Volume X, Number I

2005 Lodge Officers


Worshipful Master
\ Chris Couch


Senior Warden
Eric Bowman


Junior Warden
Bob McLoud


Senior Deacon
Danny Scarborough  


Junior Deacon
Dave Robinson


Senior Steward


Junior Steward
Larry White


Floyd Bowman


James Wilson


\ Bob Rolseth


\ Jim Cline


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From the East

Greetings Brethren,

 Can you believe the growth of the City of Owasso ? Two Hospitals, Super Target, Applebee’s, Red Robin and Retail Shopping Centers Galore, My hat is off to the managers and employees of our city that have guided it to the place it is today and the direction it is tomorrow. I have been curious about how these people have accomplished this and through conversations with some of them have learned it was not accomplished over night nor without elbow grease.

This was a process where seeds were planted, cultivated, took root and are being harvested today. They were presented a vision, with persistence and through support of a team effort our city is where it is today. We as Mason’s should evaluate this process and spread it though-out our fraternity. I would like to see our membership and involvement with the community grow right with the city.

This year has been a real eye opener as leader of the lodge, with outstanding memorable rewards with a solid education. Through it’s teachings I encourage each and everyone to become an officer of this lodge to continue growth and new ideas. We can make the difference by participating together.

I extend my personal invitation to each and every one of you to attend lodge as often as possible on lodge meeting and fellowship nights.




W\Theron S. Richardville Sr.
Worshipful Master 2005

From the West

Hello Brothers,

We are having a great time this year, and would love to see you come down to fellowship with us. We need the knowledge and experience you can provide the members that are new to the organization. We all need to hear the stories you can provide and point of view you can offer in our discussions.

We are planning some great events which you are invited to attend. On
October 11, 2005 we are planning a “rusty nail” degree. This degree will allow those members who may not remember the proper ways to enter the lodge and be recognized to have the “rust” shaken off so they can come down and join the fun. This is your lodge as well and we want you to be involved if possible.



Chris Couch
          Senior Warden


From the South

Dear Brothers,


Things are going well at the lodge. We now support three (3) different youth groups in our lodge. We have the Rainbow Girls, DeMolays and now the Job’s Daughters.  The youth groups need our support in many ways, yes occasionally they ask us for financial assistance if they have a member that needs it for some special function, but they also need our attendance at their meetings and at their fundraisers. All the youth groups are always looking for more help from adults. Whether it be simply driving the kids somewhere or just someone to come down and cook some pancakes whatever we can do will help.  Another important thing that we can do to help support OUR youth groups is by helping them with their membership. I know that there are many Brothers out there with daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, nieces or nephews that need the youth groups.   The youth groups need them too. Our DeMolay chapter is in a rebuilding phase now and they have been for several years.  The Rainbow assembly is always looking for bright young girls. The Job’s Daughters are in need of members as well, they moved to our lodge last year from Coweta and now they need our help to insure that they keep going.

The Lodge does benefit from these youth groups as well, currently the lodge has five (5) Senior DeMolays in the line. Our Senior Warden is going to be the first Senior DeMolay from Owasso to be in the East. Our lodge also has two (2) Past State Master Councilors from Owasso that are members and the current State Master Councilor also from Owasso is in waiting to receive his EA degree.

If you know of some young person who needs these youth groups or someone that these youth groups need please contact me and I will point you in the proper direction to get this young person on the pathway to light.




 Eric Bowman
               Junior Warden  

From the Secretary’s Desk


I would like to take this opportunity to inform the craft where we stand at this time as far as membership goes and try to explain the reason why there was such a drastic dues increase.  At the beginning of the year the Owasso Masonic Lodge had 193 members and since that time we have lost one Brother due to death and one Brother has been suspended for non-payment of dues per his request.  As of July 18, 2005 we have 191 members. Of the 191 members, 74 have purchased perpetual membership at 15 times the annual dues rate at the time of purchase.  Some of these memberships were purchased nearly 20 years ago when the annual dues were only $25 a year at a cost of $375.  The Grand Lodge of Oklahoma then puts this money into a trust and we receive the interest earned off this money.  Currently we are earning approximately 6.2%.  In addition to the 74 living perpetual members the Lodge is receiving monies from 13 Memorial and Deceased Brethren.  All together the Lodge received 2218.93 from the Grand Lodge as dues for the 74 perpetual members and the 13 Memorial/Deceased Brothers that leaves us with 117 dues paying members.  Of the 117 dues paying members 12 have had their dues remitted because of health reasons and being on fixed income.  That brings us down to 105 dues paying members of which 35 have not yet paid their 2005 dues.  The Order of the Eastern Star does pay rent at the cost of $1000 a year to the lodge.   So for the year 2005 our income to date is $10218.93.  Now for the expenses, Grand Lodge Per-Capita Tax $1384.79, Building Insurance $2154.00, and Utilities for the first six months of the year $2224.68 for a total of $5763.47.  With six more months of utility expenses to go we expect our total expenses for just the basic necessities to exceed $8000.  The next list of expenses is per the bylaws of our Owasso Masonic Lodge and call for 1% of annual dues to be earmarked for the Lodge Relief Fund, used to assist any Mason, Wife, Widow, or Child in need at a cost of $191.  The bylaws also state that 4% of annual dues to be earmarked for the Building Fund at a cost of $764 for a total of $955.  This brings the list of expenses to approximately $9000 and we have yet included postage (dues notices, dues cards, past dues notices…) office supplies, printing costs, lawn maintenance (with gas at $2.79 a gallon), meal supplies for our Fifth Tuesday dinners to which all are invited.  There is also cost associated with sending our Junior and Senior Wardens to school for training to assist them in running the lodge, as well as lodge schools of instruction.  We recently solicited quotes to replace the 35 year old heating and air conditioning units, and to replace them it would cost us over $20,000.  If dues were kept at $50 a year we would only have $8, 468.93 to cover all these expenses.

                 I hope that this sheds a little light on the subject as far as the necessity of the dues increase as drastic as it may seem, that it was needed to support and maintain our Owasso Masonic Lodge for generations to come.



             W\ Bob Rolseth


Rust Nail Degree

Brothers, if you haven’t been to Lodge in a while, perhaps a L-O-N-G while, you may be concerned that you don’t remember all the little details of getting into Lodge. If you fall in this group, Owasso Lodge will have a program that is aimed straight at you on Tuesday 11 October 2005.

                 On that date, the Lodge will have a Rusty Nail Degree. The purpose is to assist the memory of a Brother who has not attended Lodge in a while and who may feel uncomfortable because he is no longer proficient in Lodge procedures. It is designed to be low stress, and you will not be examined before the meeting, though you do need to bring with you your current dues card. Your questions and comments during the presentation will be welcomed.

                 This will be a fellowship evening. It will begin with a meal at about 6:30 p.m. at the Lodge. After the meal, we shall adjourn to the Lodge Room where the particulars of the three degrees will be presented.

                 This is a program for Master Masons. The dress is casual, but please, no shorts. By the end of the evening, if we have been successful, much of the rust should be off the “nail.”