At our last LORE meeting (5/03/03), there was a very interesting discussion on organizations calling themselves 'Masonic' and being comprised of all women or a combination of women and men.

In checking further the following may be of interest (actual names and locations to best of my sources knowledge):

Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis Misra´m  - Website
Mixed gender lodges in Los Angeles, Evansville, Ind., Villa Park, Ill., Detroit, Michigan, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Men's lodge in suburban NYC,  Women's lodge in suburban NYC

Le Droit Humain (all mixed lodges) 
International Order of Co-Freemasonry -

Catonsville MD
Princeton, NJ
Manhattan, NY

American Co-Masonry - Website
9070 S. Douglas Blvd.
Larkspur, Colorado

Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium - Website
Universalis in Manhattan 
Silence in Manhattan

Grand Lodge of Ancient Universal Mysteries - Website
Several Lodges in New York and throughout the US.