Membership Information:

     Millennium Council AMD requires that all members be a Master Mason in a lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Ohio. In addition all members must also be a Royal Arch Mason in a Royal Arch Chapter within Ohio jurisdiction.  We encourage support of the lodge and expect members to be active in and support their local York Rite programs. The primary membership goal of the Allied Masonic Degrees is to actively engage in research on Masonic subjects and to support the York Rite bodies.

    Millennium Council is an invitational only organization and will only consist of  27 regular members. To properly convey the sublime nature of our ritual and meetings all new members are presented with the AMD apron, which is worn with formal attire. 

Current Roster

Helmut M. Schuster 28 Regular
Samuel Stein 29 Regular
Charles Dyer 30 Regular
Jeffery W. Ayers 31 Regular
Timothy A. Holiga 32 Regular
Charles Fox 33 Regular
Martin R. Trent, PSM, PDDGM, KYCH 2 Multiple
William M. Berry, PSM, 33, PGHP, Former Chairman of OMH 6 Regular
J. Eric Bails,  PSM 9 Regular
Robert J. Weller, PSM, PDDGM 10 Regular
Richard Boitnott, PSM 11 Regular
Ronald E. McGonigal,  33,PSM, PDDGM, KYCH 15 Sovereign Master
Herbert L. Phares, PSM 18 Regular
Donald R. Baker, PSM, PDDGHP, KYCH   Honorary
George O. Braatz, PSGM, PGM, 33, Secretary Emeritus; Grand Lodge of Ohio   Honorary
Alfred T. Johnson, PSM, PDDGHP, KYCH    Honorary
James E. Olmstead, PSGM, PGM, 33, Deputy for Ohio   Honorary
H. Jeffery Shaw, PSM, PDDGM, KYCH   Honorary
Donald C. Shoemaker, PSM, PDDC, KYCH    Honorary

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