Master's page
Brethren, It is an honor and a privilege for me to be installed as your Master for the next year.  I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with each of you, in order to ensure that the progress our lodge has accomplished the last few years remains at the level that we have achieved.  Madisonville lodge has grown in leaps and bounds the last 3 years.  The quality of our work is a testament to the dedication and drive that our members have put forth to help make Madisonville lodge a well respected asset to our Masonic fraternity.

Brethren, I am enthused to promote Most Worshipful Grand Master Todd Easthams programs set forth this year.  I also have a few programs of my own that I will introduce to the craft to help us grow as a lodge.  I believe in having fun as a fraternity by including our families whenever we can, while maintaining the seriousness needed in our ritual work and degrees.  We will be instituting a widows program this year to fulfill our obligations as Master Masons.  I will also set forth at least 1 lodge visitation each month so that we can fellowship with other lodges and help spread that brotherly cement that bonds us into one common mass.  I have several other things in mind for this year so make sure your visit our calendar on this site so you can keep track of what and when we are having events.

Brethren, this year my motto will be "Masonry - Setting a Higher Standard".   This applies not only side the four walls of our lodge but also in our several stations before God and man.  We need to be, as our third degree charge states, both an instructor and example to our less informed brethren.  I feel as masons, this also applies to everyone.  I believe if we try to instill the tenants of our profession in our everyday lives, then we have succeeded in our goal to become better men and masons.

Fraternally Thine,
Dennis R. Moore