Philippine DeMolay Youth Center

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As his hectic schedule as a successful businessman occupy most of his time, DeMolay Grand Master Rosendo C. Herrera, always find time to make himself available to what he considers as his most important investment, our youth,

His deep concern for the youth have earned him an unprecedented fourth term as Grand Master and “Dad” to over 30 thousand young men of the Order of DeMolay in the Philippines. Since he took over as Grand Master in 1994, the Order has reached unparalleled heights and record yields in continuing the immortal vision of the Order’s founding Fathers. To Dad Frank Land, Michael Goldenberg, Andrew Guber, Manuel Crudo, and Macario Ramos, whose pioneering spirits illuminated the flame for the growth and development of the DeMolay movement in the world and in the Philippines, GM Herrera carries the torch onward a new Crusade to prepare our youth for the next generation.

His enthusiasm and spiritedness was simply contagious that his Masonic friends believed in his vision and joined the folds as benefactors of the youth. Dad Herrera never lost sight of his dreams. He remained focused with great precision befitted a great architect.

It is with the same zeal and diligence with which in him now rests the task of preserving the great heritage of the Order. DeMolay is headed toward a brighter tomorrow with an unusual advantage: its past.

With GM Herrera at the helm, DeMolay marches onward to a new mission empowered by the same dream and vision that inspired our forefathers to plant the seed of DeMolay. Onward to a new vision to realize the establishment of the first ever Philippine DeMolay Youth Center in the world.

(An excerpt from the souvenir program of the PDYC inauguration last June 2001)

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