Murrells Inlet Lodge 368
  The Sea Captain

The Sea Captain

I sailed my ship for many a day,
across the stormy sea;
Many a ruffian I have carried,
and never refused but three.

They met me on a summer day,
and saw my gallant ship;
And sought passage to the other side,
upon a hurried trip.

They offered all the coin they had,
mixed with a little sass;
That made me kinda hesitate,
and ask them for a pass.

They deemed a pass unnecessary,
for men of their degree;
And insisted that I take my ship,
and sail it out to sea.

An old man who was standing by,
and noted what they said;
Saw them kick me in the ribs,
and strike me on the head.

He heard them say they'd steal a boat,
and put it out to sea;
And sail away to the other side,
to some strange countr'ee.

But no! The coward of the bunch,
the one you'd think was brave;
Suggested that they turn again,
and hide 'n a mountain cave.

And as the day went slowly by,
I heard the truth in time;
I found that they were murderers,
and guilty of a crime.

So as I sail my sturdy ship,
until my life has ceased;
I know not whom my friends may be,
unless they've traveled East.


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