Past Masters


                                                                                            The TITLE PAST MASTER stands for:

                                                        P    is for Participation beyond our years serving in the Lodge's line officer positions,

                                                        A    is for Assistance to our Master, Officers and Brethren so that they may be successful,

                                                        S    is for Supporting our Brethren, our Lodge, our Districts and our Grand Lodge,

                                                        T    is for being willing to Teach our Brothers and Officers as the future leaders of our Craft,


                                                        M    is for being willing to let our lives and actions Motivate other brothers to take leadership roles,

                                                        A    is for remaining Active even when we are no longer in an Officer position,

                                                        S    is for Strengthening our Lodge, our District, and our Grand Lodge through actions and words.

                                                        T    is for Training our brothers when the opportunity comes up,

                                                        E    is for being an Example of how a Mason and especially a Past Master should live and act,

                                                        R    is for remembering that our Role as a Past Master never ceases.



1868 - 1875


1876 - 1900

1901 - 1925

1868 Melton Haynes
1869 J. M. Robertson
1870 Thomas C. Lanier
1871 Melton Haynes
1872 Melton Haynes
1873 A. P. Roberts
1874 Akin Stivender
1875 John C. Love

Capt. Melton Haynes
Leesburg's first Worshipful Master


1876     John C. Love

1877      Charles J. Constantine
1878     John C. Love
1879     Thomas H. Herndon
1880     John C. Love
1881     John C. Love
1882     John C. Love
1883     John C. Love

1884      Akin Stivender
1885     John C. Love
1886     Phil Tugardell
1887     Thomas R. Milam
1888     George M. Holden

1889     George M. Holden

1890     Thomas J. Lovelace
1891     George M. Holden

1892     Richard H. Pegues

1893     Richard H. Pegues
1894     John F. Stunkle               John F. Stunkle
1895     John F. Stunkle             Served 15 Terms
1896     John F. Stunkle             as Lodge Master

1897     John F. Stunkle                  Most of any
1898     John F. Stunkle                     Master 
1899     John F. Stunkle            

1900     John F. Stunkle

1901     W. M. Trunnell

1902     M. W. Lovell
1903     John F. Stunkle
1904     John F. Stunkle
1905     W. Keith McLean
1906     H.B. Foye

1907     H.B. Foye

1908     John F. Stunkle

1909     W. Keith McClean

1910     John F. Stunkle

1911     W. M. Tunnell

1912     John F. Stunkle

1913     John F. Stunkle

1914     John F. Stunkle
1915     Henry L. Schaeffer (DDGM)
1916     Boyce A. Williams
1917     James H. Wade
1918     Bartley Corley
1919     Charles B. Camble

1920     John F. Stunkle (DDGM 1916)
1921     James S. McCawley
1922     John M. Williams
1923     John Chester Lee, Jr.
1924     Elmer Ray Canaday (DDGM)
1925     Elmer Ray Canaday




1926 - 1950


1951 - 1975

1976 - 2000

1926     Robert Perry Butler (DDGM)
1927     William Dunstan    
1928     Clifton Earl Schaeffer
1929     James L. Wilson (DDGM)
1930     George B. Stephenson
1931     George A. Miller, Jr. (WGP OES 1932)
1932     Will H. Hayter
1933     George E. Hayter
1934     Walter A. Ames
1935     Homer F. Carpenter
1936     Jesse Beerbower
1937     John Leonard Fahs
1938     John Leonard Fahs
1939     Joseph H. Pegram
1940     Joseph C. Dodd
1941     Henry L. Pringle (DDGM)
1942     Walter H. Dick
1943     Arthur W. Newett
1944     Robert Perry Butler
1945     Robert Perry Butler
1946     Alfred C. Newman
1947     Robert Perry Butler
1948     Robert Perry Butler
1949     Charles E. Sauls
1950     John S. Moore
1951     Theodore D. Ehrlick
1952     Carlton D. Smith
1953     Raymond R. Krueger
1954     Edward W. MacKay
1955     James M. Halford
1956     Harry E. Barcus, Dr.
1957     Robert L. Carswell
1958     Glyn Faircloth (KYCH - DDGM)
1959     Charles Porter
1960     Albert Lee Hunt
1961     Robert Hubbard
1962     Daniel A. McClellen Jr. (DDGM)
1963     Theodore E. Weihe (KYCH)
1964     Gordon K. Hardaway Jr.
1965     John Davis Hart
1966     Robert J. Ritter
1967     John T. Holloway (KYCH)
1968     John C. Holloway (KYCH)
1969     Raymond W.Richardson (KYCH -DDGM)
1970     Joe Harvey Sellers (KYCH - DDGM)
1971     Neil Edgar Vibber
1972     Elbert Cornett (KYCH)
1973     Willard A. Barnes (KYCH)
1974     Ed Davison, III (KYCH)
1975     Aubrey Hayes

1976    Glenn M. Smith
1977     Robert Henri Smith
1978     James W. Reedy
1979     George W. Lunn
1980     Colin M. Crews (DDGM)
1981     Cecil Theus
1982     George R. Swartz (KYCH DDGM)
1983     Danny R. VanVoorhis
1984     Walter T. DeFoe
1985     Henry C. Connell
1986     Theodore S. Jansen (KYCH - DDGM)
1987     Joseph T. Price (KYCH - DDGM)
1988     J. Michael Dozier
1989     John H. Meier V.
1990     David Lee Howard Jr.
1991     Jack E. Maynard
1992     Jay A. Frizzell, Jr.
1993     Raleigh Sorenson
1994     Raleigh Sorenson
1995     Donald H. Wohlers
1996     Don Barfield
1997     Thomas W. Russell
1998     Thomas W. Russell
1999     Mervyn J. Harris
2000     Kenneth J. Graves (DDGM - KCCH)



2001 - 2025


2001     Thomas E. Beach
2002     Thomas W. Russell
2002     Homer A. Page
2003     Robert H. Browning
2004     Robert H. Browning
2005     Dennis Carl Ricker
2006     Roland Gibson

2007     Dennis Carl Ricker (DDGM - DI)
2008     William (Bill) Green

2009     Richard Ecott

2010     Donald McIntyre, Sr.

        At the June 16th, 2009 Stated Communications Meeting the Brethren of Leesburg Lodge took a bold step towards the financial security of both our Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Florida.

    The Brethren voted unanimously to acquire “Memorial Perpetual Memberships” for 64 deceased Past Masters at a cost of $200.00 each. This is an investment in the future of our Lodge as the Grand Lodge of Florida invests these funds and returns a portion on each dollar inputted into the fund to the Lodge. The Grand Lodge of Florida keeps less than 1% of the investment return. The investment return is annually for as long as Leesburg Lodge continues to exist.

    For our newer Master Masons, Perpetual Memberships are authorized by the Lodge as approved by the Grand Lodge of Florida. There are several types and the cost varies as to each type. We’ll brief four below, but what they are, is an investment in the Lodges financial future and that of the Grand Lodge of Florida now and long after we have been received into the welcoming arms of the Grand Architect of the Universe into that Celestial Lodge above. There is a minimum cost per plan, you can add more if you like, and a payment plan is available.

    A “Perpetual Membership” is for any member in good standing in a particular Lodge. the cost is twenty times the Lodges current annual dues. Your dues are paid for life and will not increase even if he Lodge votes to increase dues in the future.

    A “Memorial Perpetual Membership” can be purchased for a deceased Florida Mason at a cost of $200.00.

    A “Honorary Perpetual” can be purchased for distinguished and revered living or deceased Masons of this or another Grand Jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Florida at a cost of $200.00.

    And a “Perpetual Friend Account” for a minimum donation of $200.00 in the name of a single person or entity.

    Our Lodge has existed for 141 years and there's no reason to believe it won’t be here for another 141 years and beyond. For Masonry to continue to exist we must learn about our past, labor for today and plan for tomorrow.


Living Past District Deputy Grand Masters


Back Row - Left to Right - R+W+ Joseph T. Price, R+W+ Kenneth J. Graves, R+W+ Joe Harvey Sellars, R+W+ Raymond W. Richardson

Front Row- Left to Right - R+W+ Colin M. Crews, R+W+ Theodore (Ted) Jansen


Note: R+W+ Joe Harvey Sellars is also M+I+ Joe Harvey Sellars, Past Grand Master of the Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of Florida