(Left)   The State of Florida, Department of Transportation bsp;bsp;

installed an “Adopt a Highway” sign on Friday, August 28th, 2009. The sign is very visible and looks great.

       Along with letting our community know of our civic involvement, we have a visible sign at the west entrance to the city announcing our presence. Brother Dean Sever (pictured) is coordinating this program for the Lodge.

       Our area of roadside cleanup begins at CR468 and travels west to the Pembroke Subdivision.

       Our first roadside pickup netted 175 pounds of trash.


      (Right) At our Stated Meeting of September 1st, 2009, WM Richard Ecott presented to Ms. Tonda Maurer a check for her work on updating our website.

       The old web site had not been updated since May 2007 and as you can guess, was outdated with much of the information it contained.

      The new web site was constructed by Ms. Maurer, a student at Lake Sumter Community College. Ms. Maurer is continuing to update the site.

      Ms. Maurer thanked the members of the Lodge and stated the money would be applied to her educational costs.




Leesburg Lodge has selected Paramedic Menandre Muscadin and EMT Kristy Stephens, Unit 311 of Lake - Sumter Emergency Medical Services as our Paramedics of the Year for 2009.

     Paramedic Menandre Muscadin and EMT Kristy Stephens were selected by their peers to be the recipients of this years award according to Executive Director and fellow lodge Brother Jim Judge (left in photo) of Lake - Sumter EMS.Presenting the award (on right) is 2009 W.: M.: Richard Ecott.



     The Lake Country Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit was selected as our Law Enforcement Officers of the Year for 2009 for their commitment to keeping our streets safe.

     Deputies of the unit receiving this years award are; Sergeant Steve Harden, Corporal Doug Hampton, Corporal Phil Buffington, Corporal Charles Pendergrass, Deputy Shawn Vance and deputy A.J. Willits. Presenting the award is W.: M.: Richard Ecott.



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(Photo Right)


     Pastor James P. Holden of Christ United Methodist Church located at 1313 Griffin Rd. in Leesburg, was selected as the 2009 Minister of the Year. The vision of this church is to be a place through which you can live your faith.  A place where your faith is strengthened in worship, deepened through study, enriched in service, and shared with your neighbor, community, and the world. The purpose of this church is to spread the good news that Jesus willingly suffered and died for our sins, that by repenting and accepting Him by Faith as our Savior and Lord, we are saved. Through the Holy Spirit, God uses us to spread his love in the community and in the world.


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(Photo Left)


      Brother Mike Mason has been selected as Leesburg's Mason of the Year for 2009. Brother Mason  along with his Lady Amy own and operate Leesburg Printing,

     Leesburg Printing is the printing company who provide you with the Trestle Boards you receive each month. Leesburg Lodge is not the only recipient of Mike and Amy's generosity, Mike and Amy are active with their three daughters school, and a number of civic and private organizations which benefit our community. Thanks for all you do Brother Mike.